Christmas on Capitalise

Attend a consultation and we'll send you Christmas hamper

Give your team (or family) a well earned treat this year while learning new ways you can support your clients in 2021.

Go beyond the numbers with capital advisory.

Whilst all businesses exit, no client should leave your firm prematurely because you can’t assist them with a particular piece of advice. Strengthening your firm’s services with Capital Advisory readies your firm to advise upon the whole journey.

Book in a consultation with us, and we'll walk you through how Capitalise can help your clients access the capital needed to grow and expand their business.

Learn how our Monitor tool allows you to anticipate which clients need your attention, and our debt recovery feature which means your clients no longer need to write off bad debt. Also, discover our CPD certified education courses that will boost your knowledge of the lending landscape. These are all tools that will place you in a stronger position to help your clients prepare for 2021.

Less than an hour of your time and in return you'll receive a delicious Christmas hamper - gluten-free and vegan hampers are also available.

A few things before you get your hands on a hamper. You must:

- Be a UK based accountancy firm

- Have over 250 clients across the firm

- Be a decision-maker within the firm

- Attend a consultation

- Not already be a paying subscribed Capitalise partner